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Calgary Mental Health with SCULPTD Life

Mental health and health are often intertwined. At SCULPTD Life in Calgary, we understand that achieving sustainable weight management is not about following a strict diet or exercise plan. Instead, it's about addressing the root causes of our habits and developing new health promoting behaviors. Our mental health professionals deliver an integral component to the SCULPTD experience by ensuring that your mindset is in a healthy place to help you make positive changes in your life.

A Fresh Perspective

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a chronic disease that impairs health, increases the risk of medical complications, and reduces life expectancy. It's not diagnosed based on measures like BMI alone, but these tools can be used to assist in screening.

In Canada, 27 percent of adults have obesity, and the rate of severe obesity has increased by 50 percent since 2009. The environment in which we live—with its highly-processed and easy access to fast foods—combined with the demands of today’s largely-sedentary work environment, makes it challenging to find the right balance of physical activity and healthy eating. In addition, physiologic responses to weight changes over time can impact the ability to maintain a healthy weight as hunger hormones increase and satiety hormones decrease. All of this, of course, has an impact on how we feel, both physically and emotionally. The emotional ups and downs of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in such an environment can also make it more difficult to do so. Is it any wonder that we get discouraged when the odds are stacked against us?

Calgary mental health as part of the SCULPTD weight loss program.

The Psychology Behind Weight Management

Mental Health Management

Mental health conditions can also have a significant impact on physical health and body size. For example, depression and anxiety can lead to overeating or poor food choices as a coping mechanism. Additionally, some medications used to treat mental health conditions can cause weight gain as a side effect.

In some cases, weight gain may be a symptom of an underlying mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder. Therefore, it is important to address any mental health concerns as part of an overall approach to physical health and wellbeing. This may also involve developing healthy coping mechanisms for managing stress and emotions without relying on food.

Changing your thinking or cognitive restructuring is also helpful, as it can help you recognize and change negative thoughts that may be hindering your progress. Additionally, it's essential to develop cognitive flexibility by letting go of perfectionism and all-or-nothing thinking and instead focusing on progress and the process itself. Appealing to your deeper motivations is another effective strategy for making lasting changes. Using your personal preferences and values to guide your behavior may make you more likely to stick with healthy habits over the long term. Managing expectations is also key, as emphasizing the many health benefits associated with acquiring new health promoting behaviours, regardless of changes in your body size.

What to Expect

Our team of psychologists is highly trained in obesity management and all the mental health implications that may be associated, so they are the right professionals to help you succeed in your health journey.

After your first appointment with our physician and RN, you will be referred to one of our consultant psychologists. SCULPTD includes an initial comprehensive assessment to identify issues that may be affecting your physical health and recommend a personalized psychological treatment plan.

Follow-up sessions will be virtual, with an initial assessment and 5 (five) follow-up sessions included in the program fees. In addition, a summary report will be added to your health records to enhance communication between all providers involved in your care. 

A Comprehensive Process

Physiologic Responses To Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is a multifaceted process that goes beyond the simple equation of calories in and calories out. When an individual loses weight, their body undergoes various physiological changes, including persistent endocrine adaptations that increase appetite and decrease satiety. This makes it difficult to maintain the reduction in the long term.

It is essential to establish a non-judgmental understanding of the barriers to change you may face, particularly if you are living with obesity. Reducing stigma and identifying achievable behavioral goals can help you develop a plan that works for you and your unique situation. Incorporating these strategies into your approach can increase your chances of successfully achieving health goals.

Dedicated to Your Mental Health

Why Choose SCULPTD Life

All you need is the willingness and desire to make a change. Our most successful members have one thing in common—a dedication and motivation to improve their health, mental health, and confidence for the long term. Our team of experts offers a comprehensive program that prioritizes mental health and behavioral change. Combining eating for well being, joyful movement and mental health support, we help our clients achieve their “best health and quality of life”.

A Holistic Approach

Understanding a patient's unique story and life context is crucial to supporting obesity management. Obesity is a complex and chronic condition that requires individualized treatment to promote long-term health impact. It is also important to note that not all patients with obesity are ready to begin treatment, and they should not be pressured to do so.

Successful obesity management involves treating both the underlying causes of weight gain and the complications associated with obesity. While nutrition therapy is a foundation for chronic disease management, we understand that it should not be used in isolation; even with adequate nutrition, the brain's mechanisms can promote weight gain by increasing hunger. Instead, we combine medical nutrition therapy with psychological, pharmacological, or surgical interventions that are tailored to meet individual life circumstances.

Success in obesity management should not be measured solely by the number on the scale but rather by achievable behavioral goals, improved health, function, and quality of life. By taking a holistic approach, the healthcare providers at SCULPTD Life help patients achieve long-term success in taking control of their health.

Calgary mental health as part of the SCULPTD weight loss program.

With SCULPTD Life, we believe that every individual is unique and deserves personalized attention to look and feel their best. Our weight loss consultants work with you to discover your specific needs, desires, and concerns during your initial consultation. Our team of compassionate and patient-focused professionals will work with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your goals.

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