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Welcome to SCULPTD Xthetics' exciting new online webinar series! Are you struggling with weight and looking for ways to improve your health? Do you have questions about new diet trends or want to learn more about Ozempic? Look no further than SCULPTD Life. Our team of healthcare experts is here to respond to your inquiries and give you the information and resources you require to accomplish your objectives. Join us for one of our free online webinars and start along a healthier path.

March 8th Wednesday 6:30 p.m. MT

Many new medications are available for weight management, but are they right for you? Pharmacist Trish Molberg will answer all your burning questions in this topic!!

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Events by SCULPTD Life Calgary
Events by SCULPTD Life Calgary

March 22nd Wednesday 6:30 p.m. MT

Real Change Requires Understanding Yourself

Dr. Alana Ireland has focused her practice and research on weight-related psychology, including weight bias, body image and eating disorders. She will give you insight on how to improve your mental health journey

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