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Calgary Medical Weight Loss and Support

Welcome to SCULPTD Life Weight Management Program, a unique program for medical weight loss in Calgary, AB, where we listen, collaborate, and support you with sustainable strategies that will work for life.

SCULPTD Life offers an innovative, stigma free, person-centered and evidence-based approach to weight management through promotion of healthy behaviors. The program is a collaboration between physicians, registered dietitians, psychologists, pharmacists, registered nurses, exercise physiologists and health coaches with special interest, training and expertise in healthcare to all body shapes and sizes. Our mission is to provide you with long term support, empowering and educating you, so you have all the tools you need to succeed on your own unique and personal journey.

Sustainable Solutions

Medical Weight Loss in Calgary

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Supporting Your Health
Journey for Life

A positive approach to a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that achieving optimal health and wellness is not related to losing weight or to your body shape or size, but about gaining a support system.

The SCULPTD Life program is unique as we take the focus away from the number on the scale. We believe that number should not be the main goal, but a consequence of long term and sustainable changes in behavior, biology, nutrition and mental wellbeing. Ultimately, success in the program is measured by overall improvement of health, fitness, longevity and quality of life.

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Ditch the scale. Embrace the journey.

The road to a healthy life isn't built overnight. Emotional eating, stress, frequent travel, and poor sleep quality can all make it an uphill battle. If you find yourself aiming for a certain weight that is impossible to maintain and it makes you miserable trying to get there, then that’s not your “Ideal Weight”.

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Building Healthy Habits

Health Coaching In Calgary

Health coaching is an important component of our program. The goals of coaching in the program are to provide physical activity counseling, support habit building and promote behavioral changes in nutrition and mental health.

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You can eat anything: just not everything.

Weight Loss Nutrition in Calgary

Weight loss nutrition is an essential part of any weight management program, and with SCULPTD, patients have access to a Registered Dietitian Consultant who offers nutrition counseling, meal planning assistance, and education on mindful eating skills and practice. The program includes four nutrition counseling sessions annually, but additional sessions can be scheduled if needed.

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Tailored Treatments

Weight Loss Medication in Calgary

SCULPTD utilizes weight loss medicine for patients prescribed AOMs (anti-obesity medications). Patients receive specialized care, individualized support, and assistance in medication management. The program fees include an initial 30-minute consultation and two 15-minute follow-ups, which may be in person or virtual through Telehealth.

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Your Next Evolution

Body Sculpting in Calgary

You are working the program and seeing results, yet there are specific trouble spots that diet and exercise do not effectively address. At Xthetics, we utilize the Calgary EvolveX procedure to provide total body sculpting and skin remodeling, pushing the boundaries for health-conscious patients who desire a little refinement to look and feel their best.

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The Mind-Body Connection

Health Psychology/Weight Loss Psychology In Calgary, Alberta

The integration of psychology in weight loss management is crucial as it addresses the emotional and behavioral factors that often hinder weight loss success. By offering psychological support, SCULPTD Life aims to enhance the patient's overall well-being and increase the likelihood of achieving long-term weight loss success.

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Habit-Building & Behavioral Change

Joyful Movement in Calgary

The importance of physical activity for overall health cannot be overstated. The SCULPTD program provides patients with the support and resources they need to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle exercise routine as part of their weight loss journey. The SCULPTD program emphasizes the importance of Joyful Movement as an essential part of weight loss management.

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You are NOT what you eat.

The SCULPTD Way to think about your ideal weight.

Throughout our program, we are highly focused in educating our patients and their loved ones to eliminate stigma and misconception regarding different body shapes and sizes. Above bullet points add: Here are some truths we’ve established as the basis for our program:

  • Living with excess weight may impact your physical and mental health, and that is where it becomes a real and chronic medical condition - in that case, there are effective evidence-based treatment options available to you. 
  • Your body shape or size is not your “fault”. 
  • It is not caused by your diet, level of exercise, or by anything you do or don’t do. 
  • Obesity as a medical condition isn’t based on size, BMI or weight alone. It’s defined by how it impairs health.
  • Obesity is 50% to 80% inherited through genes expressed in the brain.
  • Body function and metabolism are also affected in this complex condition.

With proper support from our highly trained experts, you can take control of your health, and we have gathered all you need to win this battle at the SCULPTD Life Weight Management Program Program. 


Exclusive Benefits

Your SCULPTD Membership

For our SCULPTD Life members, you receive the following exclusive perks:

  • Free gift bag with water bottle, a T-shirt and a wellness journal.
  • Special discounts on body contouring and aesthetics services with our partner medical aesthetics clinic, Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt
  • Join the SCULPTD Facebook group—where you'll find a supportive community eager to offer words of encouragement, stories, and tips.
  • Workshops on nutrition, emotional eating, cravings, lifestyle changes, and more are offered throughout the city.
  • Body composition analysis with InBody (optional).
  • 3D Image analysis with Vectra - (optional)

The costs of prescription drugs are not included. Free pharmaceutical samples are provided if they are still available. Whether you need help registering for a copay card or submitting an insurance claim, our pharmacist is here to help.

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With SCULPTD Life, we believe that every individual is unique and deserves personalized attention to look and feel their best. Our weight loss consultants work with you to discover your specific needs, desires, and concerns during your initial consultation. Our team of compassionate and patient-focused professionals will work with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your goals.

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